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Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation is a Non-profit organization working for the promotion of Sanskrit through technology. Through its e-learning products, online knowledge portals, mobile apps, webinar courses, and other initiatives, Vyoma is working towards a goal of reaching 1 million people by 2025.
Vyoma Labs strongly believes that for a happy and successful life 3S’s take utmost importance. They are Saṃskṛtam(Ancient Knowledge System), Saṃskṛti (Culture & Heritage) and Saṃskārā(Values & Virtues)
Our effort at Vyoma Labs is to help people learn Sanskrit through e learning. We develop eLearning products through which the end user can learn Sanskrit anywhere, anytime. Since our inception in 2012, in the past 5 years, we have created 14 products for people from various walks of life.

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With humbleness, would like to state that, we also have an e-learning portal named where in eminent scholars conduct classes on various subjects ranging from Kavyas, Bhagavadgeetha to Advanced Grammar classes. Most of these kind of webinars, prerecorded lectures are all available free of cost for registered users. We have 4700+ active users who are getting benefited from Sanskrit every day through our portal.

Our achievements so far are:

We take care of all your Sanskrit learning needs